Wolseley UK joins ranks with British Forces Resettlement Services

02 July 2014

Wolseley UK has partnered with the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) to bring former military personnel into its workforce.

As part of its strategy to recruit from the widest possible talent pool and attract the best candidates, the plumbing and heating firm is reaching out to ex-forces personnel looking for employment in a civilian role.

BFRS is a non-profit organisation set-up to help its 14,000 members find employment when returning to civilian life or continuing their post-forces career, a number which is only expected to grow amidst recent news of armed forces redundancies.

Sam English was employed as branch supervisor at Poole’s Parts Center in March of this year after applying for the role through the BFRS website. Sam said: "I left the army late last year after being injured in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan. I applied for the branch supervisor role, and was delighted when I was hired.

“Wolseley UK has such a positive attitude towards ex-servicemen and women. With Wolseley UK and its brands actively advertising on the BFRS site, I think that is a really encouraging message to all those who have, or are about to, leave the armed forces and may be worried about their employment.”

Siobhan Morrison, Wolseley UK’s Interim HR Director, said: “The partnership between Wolseley UK and BFRS allows us to target a more diverse talent pool, putting us in touch with the best people to fill our vacancies.

“We believe that our career opportunities here are second to none. We offer fantastic career progression and award winning training programmes, so those returning to civilian life can continue their personal development and gain further vocational qualifications.”

Neil Dean, Director at BFRS, said: “Our members are highly-trained individuals who have developed a strong skill set during their time in the armed forces. Most of these skills are transferable to a civilian role, such as teamwork skills and lateral thinking, and when you combine this with the can-do attitude of the armed forces, it makes BFRS members ideal candidates to UK employers.”