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Celebrating half a century!


From joining Neville Lumb in 1974 as a 19-year-old in an era of polyester, platform shoes and kipper ties, Dave Coleman certainly has a few tales to tell. Fast-forward to March 2024 and he’s celebrated 50 years with the company – who would’ve thought?

When we asked Dave what’s kept him here all these years, he told us: “There is a team fellowship that you don’t find everywhere, and I hope that I have been a contributor to the team’s values and comradeship. I am hard-working, I’ve have always pushed myself to do my best and I have a good knowledge of our products and can pass this on to newcomers.”

Congratulations, Dave, on reaching this incredible milestone – and thank you for your loyalty and dedication to our business.

David rode 500 miles (and he would ride 500 more!)

In 1988, Scottish rock duo, The Proclaimers, famously declared that they would walk 500 miles. We’re pretty certain they never fulfilled that pledge – after all, it’s a ludicrously long way to travel without a motor vehicle of some description, but David MacDonald achieved the feat.

David, Team Supervisor at our Potters Bar branch, donned his Lycra and mounted his bike purchased through our Cycle to Work scheme and set off for his parents’ house in Dundee from his home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, keeping his carbon footprint low and his overall health in a very good place.

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