It's all systems go for our Commercial Fleet and Transport teams, who've been working to improve the performance and security of our commercial vehicles. 

Our old systems are gradually being phased out to make way for more sophisticated and up to date ways of working, which will ensure that vehicles are safe, secure, and spend less time off the road. 

A big part of this involves upgrading our Tachograph analysis software from SmartAnalysis to Tachomaster. Commercial Fleet Supervisor Kevin Vials explains: "Tachomaster gives us access to more in-depth analysis such as driver compliance reporting, driver calendars showing EU, WTD and rest information as well as recording our drivers CPC training.”

In addition to this, the existing Tranman fleet management tool is set to be replaced by FleetCheck. This allows us to gain 'Earned Recognition' from the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) by having our vehicle service records and Tachograph data available for the DVSA to view remotely.

"FleetCheck is unique in the features it offers, and it allows us to stay ahead of the game by enabling the Fleet team at Warwick to manage the compliance of our commercial vehicles more efficiently with a robust audit trail to underpin our legal requirements," Kevin adds. 

Another big perk offered by FleetCheck is its partnership with FORS. It provides an online platform where operators can store data to count towards their FORS accreditation, which is often a mandatory requirement on site. 

Head of Distribution and Fleet Management Alan Newton told us: "We're aiming to become more proactive when it comes to our compliance, and this change allows us to do just that. This new approach will also be a real time-saver for our branch colleagues, as compliance will involve less legwork, allowing them to get on with serving our customers."

What's more, our vehicles will soon have security cameras on all four sides - no blind spots! Alan adds: "This is a small but important improvement that protects our drivers in any incidents of disputed liability, whilst making us less vulnerable to theft."

Our Transport team is working to ensure our network can accommodate all new system upgrades, which are expected to be fully rolled out by January 2020.