Ripon AFC.pngAs a large employer in Ripon, it continues to be an ambition of ours to have a positive impact on the local community whilst promoting Wolseley as a viable career choice – and what better way to do that than by sponsoring the local football team, Ripon AFC?

Of course, it’s international rather than club football that’s taking centre stage at the moment, with much of the nation gripped by Euro 2020 fever - but for the likes of Ripon AFC, work behind the scenes is very much ongoing, with the start of the new season just over a month away.

Finance Business Support Manager Lindsay Lisle explains: “Ripon AFC were sharing advertising opportunities, and this seemed like a great way to promote our careers site and encourage people in the local area – particularly the younger generation – to go on and have a look at what’s available to them right on their doorstep.”

“For £1,000, we’ve now got some advertising space around the pitch, plus the opportunity to sponsor the kit for the men’s first team. Work is still ongoing on the kit sponsorship front, and we are also exploring opportunities to sponsor some of the younger age groups, particularly as we often take on school leavers at Ripon Support Centre. With the apprenticeship opportunities through our Wolseley Talent Guild now in full swing, this is likely to be an effective way of attracting the best young candidates to the various careers and opportunities available at Wolseley.”

Gary Camplejohn, Ripon AFC treasurer, said: “It's great to have Wolseley on board as one of our sponsors. As one of the major employers in the area, we have a number of affiliations with them and their staff and it's great that they are able to support us. The funds will be used to provide a new matchday kit, which will spotlight Wolseley's brand and its recruitment campaign around Yorkshire.”