Last week, 12 of our colleagues began training to become Health & Wellbeing Challenge Buddies, and once the training is complete, they will help roll out our exciting new Health & Wellbeing Challenge programme.  

The Health & Wellbeing Challenge is a 12-week programme, packed with powerful, science-backed activities in nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and positive psychology, specially designed to deliver immediate and long-lasting, positive change. It’s great fun and boosts health, energy, mood, fitness and emotional wellbeing. Plus, colleagues get entered into a prize draw for an amazing £250 experience day reward voucher when they complete the challenge in full. 

Ian Cole, who is leading our Workplace Wellbeing Challenge, explains: "With most of the biggest causes of long-term illness and premature death in the UK being lifestyle related in some way, it’s never been more important for workplaces to provide effective, evidence-backed, health and wellbeing initiatives for their people. 

"Research shows that we can significantly reduce our risk of developing things like heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, high blood pressure, some types of cancer and mental health problems, and even add up to seven years to our lives, simply by transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. We don’t have to wait years to cash in the returns on lifestyle improvements, either – a growing body of evidence shows many interventions can have an immediate, significant and positive impact on things like mood, energy levels, self-esteem and life satisfaction. 

"Anything employers can do to support their people gradually introduce positive, lifestyle changes, which have the potential to help their people live happier, healthier and longer lives surely has to be a good thing."