Why be bronze when you can be silver? That's exactly what's driven a group of operations managers, transport planning managers and branch managers, who have been busy upgrading their Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme (FORS) certification. 

Our colleagues have taken one day each month for the past five months to attend the course, which has boosted their FORS compliance level from bronze to silver. 

Head of Distribution and Fleet Management Alan Newton explains: "For our fleet operators to be legally compliant, bronze is the minimum requirement, but sites managed by several of our customers will not allow access to anyone who isn't at least FORS Silver accredited. So, this opens new doors for us and shows that we are willing to invest in safety."

To meet the standards required to obtain a silver certificate, cameras have been fitted in vehicles to monitor safety, while specific training to minimise the risk to vulnerable road users has also been passed. In total, ten safety-related workshops were completed over the five-month period, including tips on how to record and improve fuel efficiency.

Alan points out: "We had colleagues who travelled great distances to attend each monthly session, with some coming from as far afield as Scotland to attend the course, which was held in Marston Gate. This was a big commitment from those colleagues in particular, but we are confident that this will prove to be really beneficial and make us more safety conscious."

And there's no stopping there, with Alan revealing plans for London-based colleagues to go for gold in the near future. This would involve submitting a case study to demonstrate how we are reducing fuel consumption and taking active measures to carry out general safety best practice.