James crop.jpgToy Wolseley trucks may not be the obvious must-have plaything - but for 9-year-old James Pitcher, son of Simon, a Sales Advisor in Coalville, it was top of the wish-list. 

James, who has autism and a real passion for toy trucks, was desperate to get his hands on a miniature version of a Wolseley vehicle, having been inspired seeing his father driving the real thing. 

Simon explains: “James absolutely loves trucks and saw me driving a Wolseley one, and that was it. He’s taken his mum around every toy shop in the area looking for one!” 

Clearly the leading toy shops are missing a trick - but where they failed, our Head of Transport and Fleet Management, Alan Newton, delivered. 

Following a speculative post on Yammer from Simon asking if anyone knew of any toy trucks with our livery of them, Alan responded within the hour. He confirmed he had one of the sought-after toys and would happily arrange for it to be delivered to young James. 

Simon told us: “Alan very kindly sent the truck by overnight delivery, which was amazing. I told James he would be having a special parcel delivered. When it arrived, he was absolutely overjoyed – as you can see from the photo! He came running to me shouting ‘Daddy! Look what I’ve got!’”  

Alan added: “I saw the post on Yammer, which immediately caught my attention. I knew I had a toy truck stored at home and saw an opportunity for a small act of kindness. I am pleased to have been able to send this on to James and am delighted to hear that he enjoys our red branded vans so much.’’ 

And who knows? Alan’s act of kindness may just inspire James and influence his future career ambitions. Simon joked: “He’s been putting his new truck to good use – he told me on last Sunday he’d done 15 deliveries to Loughborough in one morning! I’ll have to up my game!” 

Who'd have thought our branded merch would be such a hit with the youth? Thanks to Alan for a truly lovely gesture and for putting a big smile on James’ face, and to Simon for taking the time to share the full story.