Dave Reid corp.JPGDave Reid is the Marketing Manager for our William Wilson brand and is based in our Aberdeen Support Centre. In early 2021, he took the opportunity to become one of our Colleague Forum Representatives, having already become both a Mental Health Champion and a Health & Wellbeing Challenge Buddy. He really does live and breathe our initiatives and continues to be a great influence on colleagues across the business!

Here, Dave took the time to have a brief chat with us about his career to date and what he enjoys most about being a part of our team…

Dave, what attracted me to Wolseley as an employer?
William Wilson was acquired by Wolseley in 2005.  Based on the quality of the communication strategy at the time, I thought Wolseley would turn out to be a good employer.  Everything in my experience since has only confirmed my confidence was justified.

And how has Wolseley invested in you as a person to help you grow professionally and personally?
William Wilson & Wolseley have invested in me as a colleague and a person by continual professional development and career progression.  I’ve moved through external sales management roles to branch and marketing management during my career.  In each role I’ve been supported in my development by a variety of high quality and appropriate management training courses.  I’ve also been lucky enough to work with, and learn from, some very talented and experienced leaders.

Great! And what makes Wolseley such a great place to work?
Wolseley & William Wilson is a great place to work because there is an open and honest business culture.  We are empowered and encouraged to take good decisions in order to get the job done.  Best in class customer service, internal and external, is at the heart of what we do.