We continually review our green credentials in line with our five-year sustainability plan, which focuses on reducing waste wherever possible.

With hundreds of thousands of products sold to customers each year, packaging is one of the key areas where we can make efficiencies and reduce waste. So, our Quality team is constantly reviewing the amount of plastics used in our packaging.

For own brand products, the team is aiming to achieve 100% packaging recyclability, logging each layer of packaging, identifying areas where improvements need to be made but ensuring the integrity of the product is maintained. By simply removing an extra layer of bubble wrap from the parcel of a Center thermostat and replacing it with a cardboard insert, the packaging is now 100% recyclable. Better still, the thermostat is protected and delivered to the customer uncompromised.

In addition, we are also adding On-Pack Recycling Logos to all product packaging. This has helped our customers to see which materials can be recycled at a glance, bringing their own carbon footprint down and helping them to meet their own sustainability targets.