“I saw an advert for a sales adviser at Wolseley Huyton, and even though I already had a full-time job managing a customer services team, I just kept coming back to this advert,” explains Joanne Ehlen, who is now Branch Manager at that self-same Wolseley branch in Huyton.  What was the attraction? “I needed to get to know the customers, and the more I found out about Wolseley, the more I realised that I needed to make this happen.  It sounded like a great business,” added Joanne.

At first glance, a job at Wolseley may not be an obvious choice for some women, as our business might look like a largely male environment, but the opportunities for developing your career, learning a specialism and working across a range of roles and functions shows that a move to Wolseley would be a great career move.  For Joanne, she had no such concerns, and knew exactly how she’d contribute to the team: “I put a lot of effort into developing my industry knowledge, while demonstrating the skills I already had.  There’s a huge amount of experience within the team and I regularly tapped into that to increase my plumbing know-how.  I haven’t come across a problem that can’t be resolved, and everyone is eager to share their insights and what they know.”

Joanne’s hard work and commitment has certainly paid off, and her development speaks volumes.  She joined our business as a sales adviser and within 12 months, she was managing the bathroom showroom.  A year later, she had her own branch.  “Joining Wolseley was a great decision for me, and while I might have been a little apprehensive at first, simply because I knew so little about the industry, I’ve never looked back.”